Terms of Use

xpressWP presents important terms and conditions, which serve as a legal contract between us and our clients. The company is committed to abiding by the legal contract in every circumstance and also reserves the right to change it anytime.

Use of Information

The information such as graphics, texts, images, videos, presentations, etc. available on the website is meant to be viewed, used, and copied under the following conditions;

  • The content should be used for informational purposes exclusively.
  • The content should not be modified.
  • The content should not be revamped for commercial purposes.

Third-Party Links

xpressWP may contain links to third-party websites. Here, we want to make it clear that we don’t own these third-party websites. So, we don’t have any control over any kind of information provided by the third-party websites.

Logo and Trademarks

We are the sole owner of the logo, graphics, trademarks, etc. available on our website. Users are not authorized to use this without our consent.


Since we revise our policy whenever necessary, we don’t guarantee anything related to non-infringement. If users continue using the website without taking into consideration of our updates and face any damage, we are not liable to compensate them.

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