Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We value your idea and anything related to your project and sign a confidential agreement with you to give it full protection. After hearing your requirements, we draft a strong policy to secure your privacy.

Purpose of Signing an NDA

An NDA serves as a legal contract that protects signatories from disclosing any information related to the projects.

By signing a confidential agreement with us, you will get assurance that your project details are safe with us.

As a signatory of the agreement, we will not share your ideas, code, strategy, or anything related to your project to any third-parties.

Types of NDAs We Sign


We sign a unilateral agreement with our clients who are responsible for divulging all the project related information, business details, specific requirements, etc. And we are responsible for keeping this information fully safe.

As per the agreement, we divulge this information only to the concerned team assigned to work on this. Meanwhile, any of our team members are not authorized to divulge this information to outsiders or any third-party.

Important Clauses

Timeframe of Agreement

In this, we mention the time duration of the agreement, including the starting and expiration date of the agreement. During this period, we are bound to keep the secrecy of your information.

But, we advise you to go for an infinite term contract to maintain the secrecy of your projects forever.

Information to be Protected

Here, we mention everything that you wish to never be disclosed to any third-parties.

Duties & Obligations to Third-party

In this section, we mention anything that we get from a third-party to develop your project.

Breach of Policy

We mention here the penalty in case of violation of policy while signing a non-disclosure agreement with our clients.

Return of the Information

After the end of the policy, we either return all the information to our clients or destroy it completely to prevent it from getting the wrong hands.

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