Why Businesses Choose to Convert HTML to WordPress

  • Today, if you are planning to develop a business-friendly website for your business and looking for the best content management systems, you will come across a plethora of options.

    But, no CMS is as good as WordPress that offers a plethora of advantages for business and helps them grow adequately by getting more potential customers to serve, increase sales of products and services, and churn out higher revenues.

    This has prompted many businesses to convert their old sites into the new CMS WordPress to reap its various great advantages.

    If you are seeking to get a full-fledged, user-friendly, scalable, and business-friendly website to get a competitive edge over your rivals, then you should hire professionals who possess vast experience in this arena to convert your website WordPress by following the latest practices.

    Here, in this blog post, we are going to delve into the detailed discussion of why it is important for businesses to choose to convert HTML sites to WordPress.

    Is it Possible to Use an HTML Template in WordPress?

    Yes, it is possible to ensure a proper conversion of any HTML template into a WordPress theme. Your job will be quite easy if you make a selection of a template layout that is nearby WordPress in terms of its important functions. It includes a sidebar, posts, header, pages, footer, etc.

    How to Convert an HTML Template to WordPress?

    In order to ensure a proper conversion of HTML to WordPress, a service provider goes through the below provided steps. Take a look.

    Get the necessary things
    Naming the theme
    Make a PHP file
    Copy JavaScript, CSS, Images, etc.
    Break HTML into Index, Header, and Footer
    Configure CSS and JavaScript
    Create a Custom Title in WordPress
    Integrate Custom Navigation Menu in WordPress
    Add Posts to Make it Visible on Homepage.

    Factors that Prompt Enterprises to Convert HTML to WordPress

    In this section, we are going to mention some genuine reasons why businesses look for a reliable service provider who can help them convert their existing website into HTML.

    Easy to Use

    While talking about certain great attributes of WordPress, it is good to start from this feature. The entire world knows WordPress is an easy-to-use platform, which encourages a lot of people.

    When it comes to downloading or installation of any core files on this platform, the entire process for this is indeed quite easier. Developers find it quite easy to perform the modification work and can do it with the use of the dashboard.

    Developers can leverage a large number of templates to code functionality-rich websites by leveraging plugins. Besides, making a selection of the theme or plugin is again not so complex with this CMS.

    Besides, installation and activation of these themes or plugins also don’t need any kind of technical competence.

    Easy to Personalization

    It’s another important factor that gives WordPress an edge over its rivals. WordPress brings a vast scope to customize the user interface to make it unique and user-centered.

    It is possible mainly because the framework is packed-in with certain great and easy to use options, which play a crucial role for personalization. With this platform, an entrepreneur gets the liberty to make a selection of them from a wide category.

    Besides, the professionals can also perform the modification work of all elements available with the theme to customize the entire appearance of the website and also make it more effective.

    Developers, on the other hand, can choose a wide range of plugins to integrate cutting-edge functionalities into your website to make it more advanced and engaging.


    WordPress is considered to be the right choice, if you are looking for a perfect CMS that lets you develop a responsive website. A responsive website is considered to be a necessity of business in today’s time, especially with the surging figure of mobile users.

    A large number of themes available on this platform are highly responsive. Developers leverage these themes to create an advanced WordPress website that can function flawlessly on multiple screen sizes while delivering a seamless user experience.


    It’s another reason why a large number of people wish to convert HTML to WordPress. Developers need to make a simple effort when it comes to the coding of the core program. It is useful in creating a simple user-friendly interface that Google and other search engines can easily track and index.

    The other major SEO benefit of the said platform is that it lets you optimize your website’s various top-notch plugins, which are quite helpful in modifying, meta description, page titles, URLs, etc.

    Vast and Growing Community

    It’s another factor that contributed a lot to the increasing popularity of WordPress worldwide. The community comprises a number of developers who build robust tools to make the development process easy and hassle-free.

    The community is the right place to share and gather ideas for developers. Besides, they can also get here important code and resolve the issues that they come across while performing any coding work.


    So, above are certainly great benefits that you can avail once you choose to convert HTML to WordPress. It’s highly important for you to get in touch with a reliable person. All you need to do is to hire a reliable service provider who can work according to your business requirements.

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